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    He must die or go


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    He must die or go Empty He must die or go

    Post  lozorus on Mon May 31, 2010 9:49 am

    Lozorus awoke. He was unsure why it had taken him so long to sleep. Mabey the rage had taken its tole on him. He was now however fully awake. Hoping Haruko would like his new 15 year old apperance. He got up and froze. A man. He wasnt sure if Haruko had noticed him or not but he wasnt going to take a chance. He lifted a large circle of ground that Haruko was on to seperate her. The area he was in was blocked out by the sun. The stranger looked at him. Lozorus didnt want to talk to him. Either he ws an attacker and Lozorus wanted to kill him. Or he was a competitor for Haruko and Lozorus still wanted to kill him. Lozorus went all out to end this as quickly as possible. He launched up five boulders from the ground at the new comer.

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