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    Name: Bukai Inugami

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Bio: When he was a baby, Bukai was raised in a calm village with a well off family. They all lived their lives like any other family would but the day came when everything changed, not just for the Family, but for the whole world. When Bukai turned 5, a sudden shock occured when he was playing outside, and caused him to faint. For one whole year he was in a coma, and even though he was alive, there was a chill emmiting of him whilst he was in this coma.

    With Bukai awakening from his coma, everything returned to normal, including the chill that came from his when he was asleep. As time passed, Bukai gradually got older, and passed his exams at school with flying colours. He was an intelligent boy, but very lazy on the other hand, but it came the day when he turned 16. It was a great age to grow too, and a party was going to be celebrated at the main hall in the village.

    As everything commenced, everyone done their normal stuff such as eating food and dancing around. Everything went dark, and a small light started to spread throughout the hall, and then it started to draw near. Closer and closer it got, and then all of a sudden, the lights flashed back on.
    "Ok son, blow out the candles"
    A smile spread across Bukais face and breathed in to blow out the candles, and as he blew out, it wasnt just air. The cake became frozen solid, and his mum dropped the cake due to the effect of the frozen cake. It smashed on the floor and everyone in the room looked in awe. A painful shockwave stood in Bukais head, and it was getting worse and worse.

    He couldnt bear it any longer, and screamed out in agony, with everyone looking at him in the room. His mum rushed over, but a freezing whip knocked her onto the floor. Within minutes the pain had stopped, and everyone was relieved. Bukai stood there for a second, and then his eyes closed, and giant ice shards came from the floor and wrecked the whole room, and killed almost all of the people. He walked slowly outside, and into the distance, with snow falling all around him. A tear developed in his eye and he feel flat onto the ground infront of him...into the snow.

    A while later he woke up in the same spot, and looked back at the damage he had caused, and he started to cry silently as snow flew past him.
    "Mum...Dad..What have i...done..?"
    He went back to his house and packed some clothes and equipment he needed, and then headed out to flee from the village. They wouldnt want him there, he was a burden, not wanted in the world. As he began his journey, he ran to the top of the hill and looked ahead of him still crying.
    "I wonder...if there is anyone out there like me"
    He didnt want to think about what he had done to many people, including the only family he had, and started his adventure to solve the mystery of his ice powers.

    Bukai is a lazy, easy going person who likes nothing in the world then to lay down and watch the clouds hover past. In a dire situation he will try to find a way to avoid the confrontation or fight, but if not, he will stand his ground and do his best to defeat the enemy. He will not abandon his friends, and will risk his life to save them.

    Frozen Clone: A clone made of ice is made and acts as like the user would do. If it is destroyed, it will shatter which will send out ice shards.

    Elementice: Bukai goes into a rage and turns everything around him in a 10 meter radius to ice, excluding the opponent and other people, and then can create ice shards, swords and barriers at his own will. Using this alot will take its toll and drain Bukais Kei.

    Elemetai: Ice

    Item: Dragonice Glove: For an easy payment of some of his Kei, Bukai can turn water into an ice sword, which is as strong as steel, but only lasts for maximum of 5 minutes.

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