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    Rules...I would recommend..Reading...


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    Rules...I would recommend..Reading... Empty Rules...I would recommend..Reading...

    Post  Inugami on Tue May 25, 2010 4:43 pm

    1. We know how much some people like Porn, but this isnt a Porn site so any posting of this content will get you BANNED...BANNed...banned,also the same applies to Hentai, yaoi, ecchi...Yeah i think you get the message.

    2. Listen to the admins and other staff, try not to annoy them to much to the extent of ban, but this doesnt apply to IGRP (In Game Role Play) as you can annhialate them there..but i wouldnt bet on that.

    3. "Lets Spam!!!"...No seriously i wouldnt advise anyone on doing that, and yes that includes us Staff, so dont spam or it can lead to Ban.Ban.Ban.Ban.Ban.Ban.Ban.Ban.Ban.Ban.Ban.Ban.Ban.Ban.Ban.
    Im serious...

    4. This Rp is for people who can 'RP', so dont expect being congratulated for saying,

    "Naruto sat on the rooftop"

    If you do, you will get warning to up your effort on writing rp's, if you still continue to do that, it could lead to Ban <-- What a surprise.

    5. To create a character, please use the Character application which will be included in the 'Rules' forum, and PLEASE think about your character before you create it, as in dropping your character could lead to a variety of plot problems, and could be a problem to everyone by confusing things.

    6. You can start of by creating one character and after the minimum of 30 "RP POSTS" you can then create a second one, but be aware that you should put effort into your first characters rp posts to show that you are worthy of the second character.

    7. Once you join, you are expected to remain active. We will have checks every so often so be sure to be active on the forums, if not active for a while the member will receive warnings. Once you have too many warnings, your character will be deleted and the character you once were will be available for other people to choose. Be sure to if you will be in an absence or vacation to notify the Staff and make sure to finish any unfinished plots and rp's before you leave.

    10. Do not kill other characters, is you want this to happen both players must agree to the death and plus you will need approval from the staff, which will be quite rare because we dont want loads of dead bodies everywhere.

    11. Godmoding, well...NO. This is basically saying that you have unlimited power, cannot be hurt, and do 1 hit kills on people..Not gonna happen sorry, but if this does happen..The staff will, and i mean WILL take dramastic measures and God mode on you personally...Just giving you back what you deserve really.

    12.Respect your opponents abilities for example being able to fight and par with a much stronger opponent e.g. such as a soul reaper under the level of luteinant being able to give a captain him/her a run for their money.

    13.When doing Alliances, 2x Kei is the max, but if the user is above or goes above 20, then no bonus.

    14. Please try limit yourself to a max of 2 topics per day, one solo and one team, or even 2 solo or 2 team, up to you...Enitirely o.o

    15. Posting in the ooc rp section will also earn you Kei, but this limits to only 1 topic every two days.

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