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    The Shaodw clone technique!

    Prince Yuri
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    The Shaodw clone technique! Empty The Shaodw clone technique!

    Post  Prince Yuri on Mon May 31, 2010 10:50 am

    Hakai in a nice spring started his training he no longer wanted to fear using his powers because of side affects he would train his powers in the time of 3 days this will be the first day in the series of the 3.

    Day 1:

    Hakai awoke from his rest he had been watching over haruko at her camp site but Hakai had made his own at a spring close to where haruko's camp site was Hakai went to wash off before he started his training he took off his close jumping into the spring the water was a nice pure water he drank some as he bathed after he was done bathing he put on his clothes but not his cloak he used his shadow body then summoning 100 shadow soldiers his kei was dropping fast but Hakai needed to learn how to control his kei and make it stronger and last longer Hakai started to fight the the soldiers he kicked one into a tree but the shadow soldiers where beating Hakai they knew his every move if he used instinct the soldiers would not be able to tell Hakai's movements but Hakai had not yet realized this he tried to punch one only to be dodged and hit in the face with the same type of punch Hakai then tried to do a jump over a shadow with a 360 kick but the shadow jumped over the kick then kicking Hakai in the face Hakai in anger wasn't thinking and easily hit the shadow but the shadow was about to kick Hakai in the stomach but Hakai grabbed the leg throwing him into a tree Hakai had just realized if he used instinct with brain he could easily defeat the shadows Hakai then went in with out thinking he hit a shadow with a fast punch then 3 kicks and a chop to the neck Hakai drew his sword in shadow form he used a strong slash chopping off a soldiers head then kicking another and cutting off its arm but hakai was kicked 4 times then punched 10 the soldiers through hakai into a thorn bush Hakai go tout covered in thorns in pain he rushed after the remains shadow using his instinct to cut them down they where defeated but Hakai had been training for so long he had not realized that it was night time Hakai laid down and took a rest he would leave haruko protected by lighting for 3 days while he trained.

    Day 2:

    Hakai woke up early saying. "Today I'll learn how to use my powers to copy objects it can be a great help and power i can just imagine the possibility's of this power!" Hakai turned into his shadow body form then trying to make a real tree out of his shadow he started to concentrate he pointed one hand at the tree then closing his eyes a shadow started to form it looked like the tree but it was all black it had no other colors it was a failure Hakai put out both hands concentrating on the tree his mind clear of all other things he started to form the shadow it had color it looked like the tree but the green was where the brown should be and the brown was where the green should be another failure had been made Hakai had noticed it was already night time but he was going to push him self one more time Hakai put both his hands on the ground concentrating he closed his eyes the shadow started to form a bright light flashed it was a perfect tree copy he mastered the shadow clone technique he then went to bed.

    Day 3:

    Hakai awoke this was the last day of his shadow clone training the battle step Hakai summoned the shadow soldiers Hakai put his hands on to the ground create a perfect shadow clone next to him or so he thought it had one flaw in its creation the strength speed and power where all off but Hakai drew his sword and so did his clone they both rushed after the soldiers the soldiers where confused by the clone Hakai's speed and strength had also increased with his kei Hakai used his shadow body and so did his clone it seemed the shadow copied the original as best as it could Hakai then started to beat the shadow soldiers there was only one left Hakai rushed at both the clone and the original gave a strong slash they where all gone Hakai then said proudly. "I'm ready now to protect haruko till the day i die!"


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    The Shaodw clone technique! Empty Re: The Shaodw clone technique!

    Post  Inugami on Mon May 31, 2010 12:34 pm

    hmm id give it 1.5 kei

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