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    The Demon within


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    The Demon within Empty The Demon within

    Post  lozorus on Mon May 31, 2010 9:33 am

    Lozorus knew it for some time. Inside him. There was something. Festering. Growing. Infecting all parts of his body and all remanents of his being. It was flowing through his veins. It florished when he killed. It begged for blood. It was evil. No? It was pure evil, it was a Demon.

    Lozorus was meddatating. He would make contact with it. He would find out what it wanted and mabey more. His mind traveld though his kei network. He saw it. He felt it. A floating dark mass that seemed like a tumor infecting everything that passed through it. It spoke

    ''Hello there Lozorus. Your miond is developed enough to see me i presume.''

    In Lozorus's mind he was in a white room. Inside that room there was a black convulsing figure with no defined shape. He watched it unsterd as two balls witch seemed to be darker than black if possible.

    ''You serve no useful purpose, you will die''

    The thing lunged at him. In his mnd Lozorus had no rok to protect him. No sheild. Lozorus dived backward avoiding the blow. However it was unnesesary. The beast fell short. There was a heavy clinking sound behind it. It was chained. Trapped. Lozorus remained passive. He would show no emition here. Emotion was weakness and he had no time for weakness around a thing like this.

    ''You seem confused? Oh, i see. One blow to the head t many. I have answers lozorus. Answers you need. Your past. Who you were? What you are! All you need to do is come close and all will be shown.''

    Lozorus would not be fooled so easily. What if it attacked him. Wait, no? There must have been a reason it ended up in here. Lozorus stepped forward, watching its reaction. It emained perfectly still. e moved again, this time a little larger pace. Again the beast stayed. So with one last step the beast lunged. Lozorus crossed his arms in defense yet there was no pain when the beast touched him. Lozorus asumed it was caught b the chain. It had missjuged and lost its chance. No? It was there. Gripping him. Bt lozorus felt no hold. He followed the arm to see were he was bein held. Lozorus's calm demenor fell as he saw what was happening.
    The beast wasnt holding him. It was holding inside him. Yet there was no pain. Sudenly he felt cold. A freezing cold. He was in his mind gain but going deeper. Like a secret door had just been opend. Lozorus saw two people cradelling a young one. It must have been a child. It was him. Then it skipped forward. The beast was there. Eating them. Lozorus watched unphased by the gore.
    The beasts chilling lauch was heard. It seemed to continuasly echo. Then he sawb child again. Barley walking. It screamed in horror as the east fell upon him. How then wad Lozous alive. It was revealed that the beast had missed. Ibstead of absorbing the boy it went into his eyes! The windows to the soul. The beasts soul was no math for the innocence of the child as a war raged. However the boys soul was tainted. Infected with evil.
    He was never accepted by people and when one day he was burnt by the holy cross the billage decided to kill him. The boy accepted his fate until his memory was lost. Hefought back and was corrupted by evil.

    ''Lozorus, i am part of you. We are mixed. If i die. You do.Now however. We can be together with that pretty Haruko eh?''

    Lozorus tensed at the mention of her name. He had bonded. Lozorus did not truly understand human concepts but she was special to him. No body would hurt her. Lozorus backed away from the demon as it laughed. The chain? Broken? Lozorus didnt know what to do. He would not let harko sffer at the hands of this demon. Lozorus jumped on it. He put his hands through its chest and touched its very soul. It was a black and dark place lit only by the remanents of lozorus's past self. This time they would fuse for good. They would become. One! He pulled it into him as the demon began to scream in pain and fizzle. Laughing insanley Lozorus held on tight as the soul began to physicall burn him. He kept the image of Haruko scared a corned. Being hurt and worse. It was his strength to carry on. He would no longer be the same.

    Every part of Lozorus would be fused with this demon. Why would he do this? For a girl he barley knows? He convulsed in agony as it began to spread inside him. Fie flowing through his veins. It wasnt to late to turn back a small part of hm screamed. Not to late to give in and stop. No! He opend his eyes....

    Starin into the water. He was diffrent. His k-9's were sharper (the teeth). He looked more...more evil. A small part of him began to talk.

    '' I am the darkness. Every kill you make will purge my thirst. Every bad doing that is commited by you will satisfy my hunger. I am here. Your concious.''

    The voice died with an Evil cackle. Lozorus stared into the water at his feet. His scared and deformed face. A single tear fell from his eye for his parents. A ripple sread across the water. He wiped its trail and looking at his hands he saw....Black? Anger sparked within him. Black tears? He punched the water. Why'd this happen to him. He began to earth bend without even realising it sending shockwaves of rock in all directions. However something was diffrent now. He looked again and had seen tha a scare had dissaperd. How? It clicked. Shape shifting demon. He focused. The scars left his face. He focused harder. He looked younger. About 15 now. He smiled. The anger left. He was filled with glee. This would be...... a new beginig.

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