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    One-time job...


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    One-time job... Empty One-time job...

    Post  British-Tiger on Sat May 29, 2010 6:05 am

    Quest name: Become an Assasin

    Quest Overview: There is a certain threat that has been getting in the way of 'the organisation' that keeps defeating their assasins, you are their last resort, defeat this hero and get some money

    Quest Requirments: Must be evil

    Quest Rewards: -20 alignment, +5 Kei, 1,500 Ranna

    Areas exclusive to: All

    “Another dog?”
    Nero questionned, aware that he was being followed by a person for a few minutes now, hearing the footsteps and odd movements around him, knowing that someone was on his tail. Still slowly walking on, his boots moved along the cold, hard pavement that rested along the abandoned road on the edge of town, the wind brushing gently against his infamous mask. A man stepped out of the shadows behind him, and looked rather nervous, and began to approach Nero from behind, walking faster and faster until he was within arms reach of the illusion wielding man named Nero. Suddenly, Nero spun round quickly, grasped the man's neck and slammed him over his head onto the ground, making the man come crashing down hard onto the concrete, his body slamming with force, enough to keep him conscious. Frightened and in agony, the man looked nervously into the black eyes of the mask that covered Nero's face. This fellow did not seem like a warrior. At all. Loosening his grip on the man's shaking neck so he could hear him speak, Nero took out his blade and put it next to the man's head, implying he would kill him if he did not go along with what Nero was about to do.

    “Who are you and why were you following me?” Nero asked in a sinister tone, glaring at the terrified human through his emotionless mask. The man quickly spoke in fear of his life, not wanting to make his potential killer wait any longer than he had to. “I-I-am from the government, and I came to bring a message!” The man exclaimed in terror, but also grabbing Nero's interest. “Message? Continue.” Nero ordered, bringing the blade closer to the government agent's forehead. “Th-they need some help! We have not been able to kill the nearest village's local hero named Shuhei who has control over the element of electricity."Nero let go of the man, before standing up and looking around. “I see. A hero, huh? Interesting... What is in it for me?” Nero asked, his mask watching the agent on the ground. The man quickly fidgeted around, before finding a bag of money, and handed it to Nero before standing up, hoping not to die. “1500 ranna, sir.” He told Nero, shaking. Nero smirked underneath his mask, “Good...Now get out of here before I decide to end your miserable life.” Nero commanded, the man instantly running away from Nero, very lucky to still be alive.

    Deciding to get the fun started, Nero was looking forward to ending another pesky hero's life, another opponent out of the way for the Sinners. He was not far from the nearest village from his current position, and was assuming the agent meant the one that Nero was currently thinking of right now, so without wasting much time, he got going towards the village. The sky was dark, night was approaching. Perfect. Nero worked better in the dark, in the shadows, the black that represented his evil heart. Entering the village, fires lit up the dark corners and areas, although every was resting in their homes, everyone except their beloved hero. Who was standing in the middle of the village, protecting it as they all slept, and then he caught sight of Nero, the mask-wearing being. The hero named Shuhei called out to Nero, who was standing still and looking at him, “Hey, you! Who are you?” Shuhei shouted, but Nero just stood there, not moving, then he began to speak. “Your death.” Nero stated, slowly beginning to move towards the hero. Startled by the answer, Shuhei got into a defensive stance, electricity appearing around his hands. Nero got closer and closer, then he started to run, before sprinting at Shuhei, suddenly appearing behind him. Nero was not moving that fast at all. In fact, it was Shuhei's pheromes that made it seem like Nero was moving that fast. Before Shuhei could turn around, a blade slashed at his back, but Shuhei was able to roll forward in time, getting away with only a cut to the back. Throwing mutiple electricity bolts at Nero, he tried to hit him with them, however Nero was rolling and jumping out of their way, before he was caught by one that smashed him in the side, sending a whole shock throughout his body and made him fly back through the air, landing hard onto the ground. Regaining himself quickly and rolling backwards onto his feet, he saw the muscular hero charging at him, reacting by sweeping the hero off his legs, Nero jumped up and lunged the blade into Shuhei's stomach, making blood pour out like water. Falling to the ground, Shuhei was losing blood as Nero stood over his body.

    Looking around, he saw people coming out of their homes, shocked to see their hero, now dead on the floor as a masked figure stood above him. Soon a young boy cried out “Dad!”, the boy ran over to his fallen father, but by then, Nero was already gone, knowing he had gotten rid of a future danger.

    (Quest finished.)

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    approved, nice work

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