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    Flight or fall


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    Flight or fall Empty Flight or fall

    Post  lozorus on Fri May 28, 2010 6:05 pm

    Lozorus had been training. He catapulted himself into the air once more ontop of a boulder. The breeze rushed past his face as he sored. He smiled. uP. up. UP! But then the enevitable. Down. He came crashing toward the rock city. A place abundant in life and materials. He let the rock fall. Using his powers he stretched the rock outward forming wings. The hurtaling rock changed direction as he tipped the balance. He crouched into the rock as he pulled a ramp from the earth. It creeked as it went 200 feet into the air. His stone slid down the ramp eroding away as the two rocks connected. The rock was becoming thinner and thinner. Heating up as it slid down. He had nearly 50 feet of ramp left. Feet began to burn. He made a bump in the ramp to launch him into the air. He was flying. Well....more falling. The rock was now a thin platter and he could no longer keep it rge crater in the area around him was afloat. He hit the ground tumballing. Annoied he punched the ground. A large area around him collapsed into a crater. People began emerging from their houses. He launched rock at them yelling. ''WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!.'' They stood their watching. He raised the ground at their feet. Then he felt something. One of them was different. He just stood their, watching..... Lozorus attacked. He had no time for this. Lozorus encased the person in a stone box. Laughing as he flattend the lid.

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    Post  Inugami on Mon May 31, 2010 12:26 pm

    Its ok i guess, id give it 1 kei

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