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    How to Start the day: Fight a clone...Yourself but more powerful!


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    How to Start the day: Fight a clone...Yourself but more powerful! Empty How to Start the day: Fight a clone...Yourself but more powerful!

    Post  Inugami on Fri May 28, 2010 4:20 pm

    The sun rested in the middle of the sky and Bukai walked along the unknown fields of the new country he had come across. He decided to go to sleep for a while on a tree that was nearby and was asleep for quite a while, but the overwhelming heat that emmited from the sun made Bukai continuously sweat, and wake his up. Boiled like an egg, Bukai looked up at the clouds and deciphered one of them, making it out to be a...monkey? He shook his face in disbelief and then sat up with his legs hanging on the branch. He looked down and saw a monkey swiging one of his arms like a gangster and his other scratching his armpit, when he looked closer, he could see that it had a resemblence to a monkey, but wasnt actually one. It had a red haired tail and its ears drooped behind it. Bukais face twitched and was getting quite angry as the clouds and sun were against him making him see illusions.
    "Stupid freaking monkey..Thing!" He shouted, rubbing his eyes to try rid of it, but when he opened them again a small lake was sitting infront of him, and was calling his name. Falling for this illusion, he jumped down and cupped some water in his hand getting ready to drink it, until he luckily saw that he was actually holding grass. By falling for another of the suns stupid tricks, he became a touch more annoyed and slammed his fist into the ground, creating a small area around it, frozen.

    Ahead of him was a small village which looked abandoned, but he just couldnt be bothered to walk into it, well maybe later as he just wanted to do something exiting to test his strengths. He decided to hype himself up abit, and went over to a tree attempting to freeze it. The tree started to crack, and it slowly started to turn a vague blue and Bukai pushed it as hard as he could, and it cracked it the middle, falling onto the ground and smashing into big pieces.

    "Hmm, ive got to work on my freezing..."

    This time it was Bukai in a form that he had never seen before, just an illusion though, but even so it was pretty cool to see himself in this state. He sat down hoping that the illusion would whift away, but instead it walked towards him and held out its hands. Thousands of ice shards shot at him, and he dodged most of them, but suffered minor damage from the cuts but was still amazed. This was no illusion.

    The Fake Bukai sent a ball of ice heading towards Bukai, and it was heading towards him at quite a fast speed. His power wasnt enough, the brarrage was going to collide with him, and he closed his eyes just as the ball cancelled, which by then Bukai had also stopped. He hit the ground and rolled, regaining his balance and turned round to face the intruder.
    "Who are you?"
    The Fake Bukai looked at him and looked at his hand, creating it into a fist.
    "Are you stupid, you dont know who i am?" As he put his arm back down to the side, he closed his eyes, and grinned as he said one more word. "BUKAI!"
    Bukai at that point was confused about how someone could have transformed into him, and even worse, know his techniques..and more? This guy wasnt like the other guys...well he remembered himself saying that many times, but it was true.Bukai appeared behind Bukai and clenched his fists, and punched Bukai in the back causing him to growl in pain. He knew he had to get away and fast, unless he wanted things to turn ugly. No Chance. He started to run off, but the Fake appeared infront of him, swinging the broken tree parts he froze ealier into his chest, winding him and making him nearly pass out. He is getting beaten like there is no tommorow, and he had to try and defeat him instead.

    Bukai charged in for a swinging kick but the Fake just wacked it away with his arm. Bukai landed and went to run again. He fell backwards onto the floor, and he instantly knew that something had intterupted his nerves... Kei Freeze maybe? The Fake walked over to him and laughed horrificly, "Its hard to think that my two best warriors could have been beaten by you...How pathetic they must have been."

    Bukai thought to himself What is he talking about? Two warriors?
    The Fake stomped on his chest before he had the chance to finish his thought, and blood spurted out of Bukais mouth.
    He angrily roared and then jumped to the side and kicked Bukai into the air. It takes alot of strength to do that, so Bukai would have to think of a good plan to even have a chance of beating him. Of course he didnt know how to, so asides being beaten, he had to find away to do the beating.
    "Frozen!" The Fake started to charge a move up in one hand. What..this cannot be..
    "Soundwave!" As he said the second word, the ball that was charging turned Blue.Few, for a second i though it was
    "DELINQUENCY!!" The blue ball turned angry as it shockwaved towards Bukai, but being partly lucky, doged the full impact of the blow, but still the Technique hit the side of his arm, and just like the kick, sent him flying through the air, and then back down hitting the floor with great impact.
    "You...Think im going to give up right here huh?" Bukai staggered to his feet, and held his arm in agony. He feel to his knee and looked up at Fake Bukai with dried blood settled on his mouth.
    The fake Bukai started laughing. Bukai took no notice of his empty words, and ran towards him, trying to ignore the deep pain in his arm. He got his Ice Sword ready by emiting his Kei with his Dragonice glove ready and swiped it at the enemy, but dodged and thrusted Bukai in the arm. The pain was quite unbearable but he couldnt stop now.

    "You are not going to stand in my way, in my opinion, your just a big piece of trash blocking my street..."
    Bukai then saw a small puddle of water and turned it into ice and then shot them unexpectedly towards him and the enemy flew back crashing onto the floor.

    "Ouch, that certainly STINGED ABIT!" He got back up and jumped into the air, creating a ice like cylinder infront of him. "You never get past this HeHeHe!"
    Bukai charged ice in one of his hands, and in the other the same thing, but it was a black colour for some unknown reason. He jumped up and hit the Cylinderfull pelt.
    "What is this?" Spoke the Fake as the Ice broke through the cylinder. Bukai then threw his Black coloured Ice at the opponent who also returned the favour with the same move. They both clashed, and yet another orb was arising from these both. Bukai pushed forward with all his strength, and succeeded by catching the enemy off guard and using his injured arm to whack the other away. As the ice ball hit the Fake Bukais chest, the outcome was generated.
    Fake spun into a tree, then into another, crashing down to the floor sliding across the ground.

    As he got up, an orange goo was emerging from his chest, and his form starting to disinergrate
    "You little.." He fell to the floor and spoke his last word,
    Bukai instantly responded to this is jumped out of the way just as the Fake blew himself up. The effect of this blew Bukai across into the ground, but after a few seconds calmed down. "What the...Why did he do that?" Bukai walked towards the center of the explosion to see if there was anything that remained from him. A blue crystal lay on the floor which shined in the bright sunlight. As Bukai touched it, a bright light blinded him, but for that moment it didnt matter because he could feel that he had risen in power. After a moment of intense power, he fell back to normal again, but with more power then he had before he fought. He decided to rest for the day and as usual found a tree to lean against, even though it was litteraly the last one there. His arm still hurted pretty badly, so he had to work on returning that to normal and he glanced at the sun smiling, and spoke out sarcastic
    "So, anyone else want to come out and try to kill me?!" He laughed to him slowly and then heard a noise behind him.


    Things were starting to change drasticly for Bukai...But this wasnt the only thing he had to look forward to...Or not. Stay tuned for the next exiting Rp of Bukai Inugami

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