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    Character Creation!


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    Character Creation! Empty Character Creation!

    Post  Inugami on Tue May 25, 2010 5:02 pm

    Name: (cmon...isnt this the most obvious part of the application?)

    Age: (Old man...Or a Little girl...Its up to you!)

    Gender: (Hmm..the most trickiest part of the application)

    Bio: (Just a short intro to who you are, history and stuff)

    Personality: (Lazy, selfish or even stubbon...Up to you my friend!)

    Abilities: (Only two to start off with, and these are just like powers, for example in the Anime DBZ, you could have Kamehameha or Big Bang Attack)

    Elemetai: (What is your Element, you can have any element you wish, even Misc ones for example Illusion)

    Item: (You can start of with one item, it cannot be very powerful, just something simple like a healing pill, or a piece of clothing like a leg guard)

    Other: (Anything else that comes to mind...Huh?)

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