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    Hunting the Hunter.


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    Hunting the Hunter. Empty Hunting the Hunter.

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    The world was cold. So cold. There were no second chances when it came to life and death, the weak were finished off, left to rot in the dead cold that surrounds those that fate deemed to be unworthy, while those of power and strength climb on, push through the cold, fighting a struggle that would be worth it in the end, the struggle to become strong, fast, skilled...powerful. Not many made it, many were left behind; killed by others; abandoned by their determination;lost and faded from existance. The struggle was not kind to all. Those who made it, those who survived with their powers, their hearts still beating, still alive, they are becoming more and more powerful, increasing their kei, the energy of their elemental powers, beating the struggle, overcoming those in their way. Nero. An example of a warrior against the struggle, against the struggle, so he can become stronger, kill any in his way, serve his master with perfection, become the best of the best and rid the world of irritating heroes. This was the struggle faced, by some for different reasons, for some, the same.

    The forests of Leysa were calm, collected, peaceful. Perfect for meditating.The leaves on the tall trees blew in unison with Nero's black hair, his mask firmly on, strapped to his face, blocking away his true face. The black eyes of the mask look emotionless, as the fixed and blood red smile on it simply sat there as always, not moving. Sitting in the forest, alone, Nero sat there and meditated, although he already knew that he was not actually alone.

    The night was dark, the trees blocked out most sunlight from the glowing moon, and Nero just looked down as he meditated, hearing the footsteps and slight movements of the shadowy figures around him, whispers and cracks filling his ears, they were the sounds of the people that were watching. Watching him. Nero's eyes opened undearneath his mask, looking down onto the dark grass infront of him, finally getting ready to see what it was that was tracking him. The movement stopped for a sudden moment, and it had seemed whatever was there had gone, but Nero was not foolish. Not at all. He knew it was definitely not the case. A quick smirk coming to his covered-face, before going back to a straight expression, he clenched the blade on the end of the wire that was located throughout the outside of his body, hidden underneath his clothes, getting ready to attack whenever they felt brave enough to do so themselves.

    Looking up ahead, knowing he was most likely surrounded, he felt like letting them know that they were not good at the stealth approach at all. "I know you're there." Nero stated. Slowly standing up, he casually wiped some dust of his shoulder, and looked infront of himself. "Amateurs. Stealth is not your style, come out already, I tire of this little game." He ordered, looking all around slowly, waiting for them to prove their bravery. A voice was heard from within the dark shadows that engulfed the brown trees, "Hmph. So our reports were correct, you are no fool. This should be interesting." It spoke, before several men dressed in black combat outfits stepped out of the shadows, their figures becoming visible to Nero, who grunted in amusement, looking around him and noticing he was surrounded by four of the government's agents.

    "Government dogs. Always barking at the enemies. Am I your next meal?" Nero asked, getting ready for any attack that came at him, his fist clenched, continuing, "Sorry, but I believe I am the alpha male here." He finished, before several chuckles were heard from the agents. "Don't make me laugh, boy! What makes you think you can take us out? We have several of you types up in jars! Ha!" The leading agent exclaimed, a smirk on his scarred face, the others following by each giving their own little cocky grin. "It's simple, really. None of your opponents were able to do this." Nero replied, the agent's grins going away at the sign of a fight about to begin, each one slightly nervous about risking their life in this fight.

    Nero knew who he was dealing with, these opponents, these arrogant people who were too fond of themselves to truly notice the real danger of confronting Nero, an illusion bearing being who was not afraid to end the lives of any who wanted to stand in his way. He had no problem in killing them. They would simply fall in line with the rest of the bloody pile he carved his way through along the years. They were no different. Still human. Still flesh. Still in his way. Still beatable. Still breathing, for now. One agent clenched his teeth, while another gritted his fists together, wanting to smash Nero's face in, as another rubbed his fingers together whilst he waited in anticipation, wanting to take out the element wielding opponent named Nero.

    Suddenly, one charged at Nero, stopping the gritting of his fists unexpectedly and launching his body at Nero with a roar, wanting to end it right here, right now. Spinning with reflex, Nero threw his blade forward, it flying through the air at the agent whilst another sprinted at the distracted Nero. Taking out a blade from his back pocket, the agent ripped into Nero's chest with his blade, a grin coming across his lips as Nero gasped in pain, blood gushing out his back. The grin stayed there, before laughing, but not for long, as the smile soon turned to a shocked frown. Nero was standing over to the right of him, and as he looked back at the standing corpse in front of him, the Nero he thought he got, was actually his fellow agent. The agent had killed his own friend. Trembling in fear and shock, he looked at Nero with wide eyes and a perplexed expression. Smirking undearneath his mask, Nero tilted his head mockingly, “What? You thought you got me? I beg to differ. Illusion works that way.” He added at the end, before appearing behind the agent, with immense speed, so fast the agent did not see it.

    The agent looked behind him, scared as hell, “S-s-s-uper sp-p-eed?” He asked himself out loud, fearful of what could happen. “Not even close. Your pheromes were manipulated. By me. I did not move very fast, you are just feeling very sluggish right now.” And with that, a blade had appeared through the heart of the terrified agent, as quick as Nero had moved before, the pheromes taking their effect, and the outcome being the death of the agent.

    Turning to look at the remaining leader and member, leaving two left, Nero half-expected them to run. However, they surprised him. How? They still stood there, not running. The leader was sweating, “G-get him!” He demanded to his minion, the agent not sure what to do. “What are you waiting for? Do it!” The leader spat, the agent quickly running at Nero, his fists high and ready to punch. The agent swung punches left and right, Nero dodging and ducking the punches with ease, before parrying a punch, leaving the agent wide open with a scared expression. Putting his hands in a palmed position, Nero viciously striked at both pressure points on the shoulders, before quickly attacking the pressure points of the legs, sending the agents on his knees, unable to feel his arms or legs, yelling in fear. Slowly taking out the blade, Nero looked over at the leader, then looked back at the agent, then at the leader, before finally at the agent, and proceeded by stabbing the agent in the heart, letting his bleeding body drop to the ground.

    Now staring up at the leader, Nero spoke, “What will you do now?” He asked softly, sadistically interested in how his enemy would now react. The leader took a few steps back, before turning around and sprinting away, running for his life, fleeing the bloody battle that was surely going to end his life. As he ran, his vision became blurred, the dead agents that came with him crawling from underground, grabbing at him with rotten faces, a large mask that Nero wore beaming down on him from the black sky as images of blood and gore and death flashed across the leader's face, his screams filling the forest.

    It was an illusion. Looking down at the fallen leader, who lay on the floor shaking uncontrollably, a terrified expression on his face glued on, scrunched up body shaking, Nero knew he had gone insane, the illusion was too much for him. The agents lay dead around him, and the leader still was on the floor, shaking in fear. Insane. Nero slowly walked away, leaving the leader to his insane fate, the night shrouding him as he walked through the forest, getting further and further away from the location of the gory event, before not being visible anymore.

    Draygon would be pleased.

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    nice, 4 kei (dont think that isnt alot, as in reality that would equal to 400,000

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