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    Name: Nero Spector

    Age: 21 years

    Gender: Male

    Bio: Not much is known about the history of Nero, his powers had been said to come from brain surgery from when he was a child, though this has never been proven by anyone, and Nero has never been nice enough to tell anyone. His childhood memories are kept only to himself, however many locals at the time never reported seeing him with a parent, for a reason unknown to him.

    According to his local village when government agents came to find him, he apparently was occassionally saw with a shadowy muscular man, from time to time, since he was young child to a teenager, the time he left the village. All people have no clue of what was happening, but only those two knew.

    This appearing man was Draygon, the sinister mentor of Nero, an extremely powerful and cunning being, a warrior, a tactician, an evil monster in battle..a devil. He trained Nero, up from a young age, taught him how to fight, how to think, how to use his power effectively.

    Now, as Nero moves around, he is watched, from his mentor, his master, keeping an eye on him, training him whenever Nero asks, in return for Nero doing whatever his master says...

    Personality: Nero is a ruthless and cunning person, he is not afraid to kill any in his way, and never takes his eyes off the objective. He would do anything to get what he needed, and is irritated by anyone who tries to stop him. Being a stealth expert as well as an upfront fighter, he prefers to take out his enemies silently if possible, but deems confrontational fighting amusing too. Loyal to his master, nothing seems to be able to shake his confidence in him, and for now, the serving continues between them. He can also be sadistic, becoming amused at the sight of the enemy getting scared or terrified by his moves.


    Pherome manipulation - Nero is able to control how an opponent is feeling, making them feel sluggish, tired, angry etc. whenever he wanted to his advantage, meaning the opponent will not even know he is doing it, not to mention un able to shake the feeling off for a good while.

    Deception of the eye - Nero is able to change anything the opponent sees, whether it be the location, or even himself, making him able to control what the opponent is seeing.

    Elemetai: Illusion

    Item: A blade attatched to a long wire which he can throw around with amazing skill, also extremely durable.

    Other: Growing up and training with his mentor, Nero is an expert of several martial arts, before incorporating them into his own style of fighting making him a deadly hand to hand combatanant.

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